India aims to become the third-largest aviation market by 2026. Moving in line with this ambition, Indian civil aviation industry is on a high-growth trajectory.  The Civil Aviation industry has entered into a new era of expansion, driven by factors such as low-cost carriers (LCCs), modernization of airports, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in domestic airlines, advanced information technology (IT) interventions and growing emphasis on regional connectivity.  Most of the over 250 dysfunctional airports getting ready to go operational, air travel is expected to break all barriers in the coming days.
However, the slow pace of regulatory interventions coupled with the risk of disruption are factors that are likely to impact the growth in future.  With deals and transactions increasing in size and complexity, legal consultants with specialization in aviation law will be handy to resolve conflicts that will emerge.  Availability of domain experts in various functional areas of Aviation with exposure to substantive law / regulatory processes, make Aakash Law different from other law firms/lawyers. The panel of domain experts along with our counsels provide our clients with essential insights and help achieve their objectives.
The firm also has the wherewithal to help in the conduct of surveys, feasibility reports, process audits, formulation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) & Training modules etc. in the whole gamut of aviation environment.  Some of the areas in which Aakash Law can help its clients in addressing conflict and dispute situations are  :
  • Aviation Operations
  • Aviation Safety
  • Airport Infrastructure
  • Air Cargo
  • Air Navigation Services
  • Aircraft Sale, Purchase, Lease & Finance
  • MRO Operations of Aircraft & Systems
  • Ground handling
  • AV Medicine
  • AV Security
  • FDTL & Service Laws
  • Contracts, MoUs & JVs
  • Clearances & NOCs
  • Liaison
  • Environmental issues
  • Passenger & Consumer Rights
  • Development of Green Field, Brown Field & Joint user airports.
  • Development of Special Economic Zones (MRO, Aerospace & Defence)
  • ADR & Litigation