Aakash Law is an outcome of a thought process where domain experts in the fields of aviation, aerospace and defence, broadcasting (operations and engineering), cargo, infrastructure, defence procurement and MRO in aviation have come together with some of the best trained and experienced lawyers on the same platform. Legal practitioners from various fields like arbitration & ADR, taxation and customs, energy laws, contract laws, criminal and civil laws with practice in Supreme Court, High Courts, Tribunals, Regulatory Authorities and Lower Courts are part of this endeavour.

Our partners encountered many instances in their areas of work, where stakeholders expressed difficulties in finding appropriate solutions to the problems faced by them which led to conflict situations mostly resulting in litigations. The conflicts could be existing ones or existed in the past or potential situations. Some stakeholders were forthright in suggesting that availability of domain experts in different fields along with resources for alternative dispute resolution and legal expertise at one place would eventually result in a win-win situation.

Our mission is to provide consultancy, legal advice and best solutions to the clients through synthesizing the domain knowledge of the experts with legal provisions.

Our Approach

Our vision at Aakash Law is to ensure that the domain knowledge in different specialized fields in the infrastructure related industries like Aviation, Broadcasting, Highways, Ports, Cargo, Petroleum, Power etc. is professionally channelized to help resolve the conflict situations.

In the present high stakes globalized business environment, requiring operational manoeuvring through a maze of geographical, political, economic, legal and cultural spectra, we walk alongside our clients in achieving their goals effectively.