VR Fulzele

VR Fulzele has over 20 years of experience in handling litigation on Civil, & Criminal matters and is presently the AGP and Public Prosecutor at the District and Sessions Court.   VR Fulzele was appointed as the Special Council for the Special Court which was established to handle matters related to POCSO Act 2012 and was able to successfully achieve conviction is a number of matters.
VR Fulzele has over 9 years experience as Additional Government District Pleader and Public Prosecutor at District and Sessions Court.  She has served the Judicial Services as Judicial Magistrate First Class and Civil Judge Junior Division for over 3 years.
VR Fulzele has argued a number of Criminal Matters before the Special Court established to deal matters filed under Section 302 of Indian Penal Code and had successfully obtained a number of convictions.
VR Fulzele is an exceptional mediator and has been a part of numerous mediation camps which was organized to resolve disputes long pending before various courts and has been successful in resolving a large number of civil matters amicably.