Maffi Devadoss

Maffi Devadoss is a bright, talented and ambitious lawyer with 5 years of legal experience in the United Kingdom and India.  Has a proven record of providing effective advice to clients delivering positive outcomes.
Maffi did both Bachelors and Masters Degree in Law from the City Law School, London.   She did internships with two of the most prestigious law firms in London (UK) and the High Court Legal Aid Services Committee in India.  Maffi has also participated in a number of conferences pertaining to the legal domain such as :
  • National Leadership Conference, Chennai, India
  • Regional Conference at National Green Tribunal, Chennai, India.
  • Madras High Court Heritage Conference, Chennai, India.
  • Merchant Shipping Conclave, Chennai, India.
  • Legal Literacy Camp, Chennai, India
Maffi has also authored a number of publications on various topics relevant to the legal domain.  Some of her well-received literary work are :
  1. Evidential challenges faced by the prosecution and the defence in proving and disproving the issue of consent in rape.
  2. Child sexual violence
  3. The need for amending archaic laws in sexual assault cases.
  4. Polarization on disclosure across the world.
Maffi specializes in Environmental Law, Human Rights Law,  Family Law (NRI Marriages), Land Law and Corporate Law.  Maffi is also an accomplished mediator in resolving disputes between clients.