Surjit Arora

Surjit Arora is an Aviation Specialist with excellent Technical Skillsets and Business Acumen and more than 24 years of experience in the field of Aviation. His expertise is in Leasing , Sale- Purchase, maintenance and regulatory issues  of all kinds of Aero Machines globally.

He has specialized in establishment of MRO & Labs and provided consultancy to numerous Firms facing hardships in managing their Aviation fleets. He facilitated expert opinion and best referrals for optimizing performance of their Aero-machines at the lowest expenditure and resources.

Surjit has close contacts in domestic and international companies and helped establishing JVs and contracts.

He is very well versed in regulatory procedures and is a specialist in obtaining all types of approvals, clearances and certification from Govt. bodies like DGCA and MOD, customs etc.

Surjit Arora is associated with diverse projects across many countries and has made a mark in project management and execution.