Aakash Law Blog Construction Around Aerodromes : Guidelines

Construction Around Aerodromes : Guidelines

Unregulated construction around aerodromes has been a cause of great concern of late, resulting in a large number of safety-related issues in India. Illegal encroachments and construction of multi-story structures beyond authorized height in close proximity of airports especially on the line of the runway, has been a perennial problem to which no solution has been found till date. One of the major reasons for unauthorized constructions of high rises can be attributed to the fact that, obtaining NOC through a maze of corridors of Government offices is not quite appealing to the real estate developers. Hence, either they choose to completely ignore the laid down height restrictions or in some genuine cases, the developer may not be aware of the existing norms and guidelines regulating the construction in such areas. In September 2015, Airports Authority of India has introduced “No Objection Certificate Application System (NOCAS)” to accept online applications for height clearance for structures like building, mast, chimney and billboard etc. for safeguarding the flights in and around the airports. This initiative is also expected to encourage the developers to obtain approval through the proper channel before undertaking development works as the entire process has been made online. To access the guidelines on the NOC procedure, please click the following link:


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