Aakash Law Counsels


Aakash Law has a panel of Counsels with extensive experience in handling consultancy & litigation on all legal issues before all  major Courts and Tribunals in New Delhi and major cities  of India and some locations abroad.

Our Panel Counsels :

Ajit Sharma  –  Appellate Litigation, Corporate Law, Telecom, Environmental &  Green Laws, Consumer matters & Citizenship Laws

Rabin Mazumdar –  Aviation Laws, Medical Negligence, Consumer Laws,  Competition Laws and Foreign Exchange Laws

AK Pathak  – Energy, Corporate, Criminal and Environmental Law

SH Reddy – Banking, Securities, Insolvency, Power Sector , Land Laws and Criminal Law

RK Choudhary – Intellectual Property and Copy Rights, IT  & Cyber Laws and Media Laws.

Hon’ble Shri VS Kadian, MLA – Service Matters (Armed Forces Tribunal) Mayank Aggarwal – Dispute Resolution and Arbitration.

GSN Rao – Civil, Criminal & Service Laws

Maffi Devadoss –  Immigration Laws, Environmental Laws, Marriage Laws (NRI Marriages)  & Human Rights OS Soran  – Civil, Criminal and Insurance Matters, Procurement,  Aviation Law, NRI Marriages, Logistics & Cargo and Family matters.

Apurb Lal – Service Laws, Telecommunications, Media, Outsourcing, Licensing Agency and Distribution, Competition and Antitrust, Employment, Information Technology, Financing and Securities Transactions, Litigation and Arbitration. 

Mr OS Soran – Delhi Office
Ms SD Gorle – Hyderabad Office